It's a fact that many Montanans face on a daily basis. The threat of hitting a deer as we make our commute.

It can be a very costly experience as well. The average cost for hitting a deer is around $4,000 if not paying the ultimate prize of losing your life.

Not surprising is the least likely state to hit a deer. That would be Hawaii where your chance is a mere 1 in 18,955. That's the word from State Farm, which tallied insurance claims data for all 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine the likelihood that a motorist will hit a deer.

Montana ranks number two on there list. Not surprising but not too comforting either.

  • West Virginia, 1 in 41
  • Montana, 1 in 58
  • Pennsylvania, 1 in 67
  • Iowa, 1 in 68
  • South Dakota, 1 in 70
  • Wisconsin, 1 in 77
  • Minnesota, 1 in 80
  • Wyoming and Michigan (tie), 1 in 85
  • Mississippi, 1 in 87

Sometimes no matter how much you look, you still cannot avoid a crash. Best practice is to always be aware and to be as careful as you can.

Expect the unexpected.