Montana is not immune to drug problems. Even the drug problems that can be found in most household bathrooms.

There are more and more people that are taking prescription drugs from family and/or friends or anywhere and using them as recreational drugs. Pain killers are a popular favorite for those choosing to embark in this activity.

The problem lies in the prescriptions are intended for specific people for specific reasons and when they fall into the wrong hands and used improperly they can become dangerous.

I doubt this problem will ever be fully resolved. However, we can do everything possible to save as many lives as possible and help those that truly want and need help.

Here's one of those ways.

There's a Bitter Pill artist open call for amateur and professional artists to help support Montana lives affected by prescription drug abuse. The deadline to enter is March 14th at 11:59 p.m. You're invited to share your story of addiction through 2D and 3D expression with a grand prize of $500.

There is addiction recovery support and this is one way to help.

If you would like to participate or to learn more, CLICK HERE.