Just how patriotic is America? One would argue that America itself is patriotic by nature. But, it's also important to know the definition of patriotism; loving, devoting, and feeling a sense of attachment to someone's country, in our case, the United States of America. One study found that out of the 50 states, Montana actually ranks insanely high in patriotism, second only to one state.

The study used factors like Voter Percentage and Military Enrollment

The site WalletHub.com used 13 key factors to determine a "patriotic score" for each state. From that data, they found that Montana ranked number two in the nation just below Alaska in their patriotism. The two main factors that determined this were military engagement and civic engagement.

According to their study, Montanans do their civic duties the best out of any state in the country. Civic duties include jury duty, voting, registering for Selective Service, and being a law-abiding citizen.

Other findings in the study may surprise you!

The Military Involvement section of the study was interesting, though, as Montana only ranked 22nd in the nation out of 50, but Montana has the fourth-largest number of military veterans per capita in the country. It was also found that states that vote more towards the Democrat party are more patriotic than states that voted more Republican, even though that seems to be a bit contradictory.

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Nevertheless, it seems that Montana is one of the best states to be if you're wanting to represent your country proudly. Maybe we can even beat Alaska and become the most patriotic state in the United States. Who's to say?

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