Today, on May 15th, 2024... Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen announced the winner of the third annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Poster Contest!

Congratulations To...

Jeremiah Sifuentez, of Busby, Montana! Jeremiah is a 5th-grade student at Spring Creek School in Decker.

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In a statement, Jeremiah said he made the poster because:

I know without law enforcement this place wouldn’t be a safe place. But all thanks to law enforcement we have a safe, clean environment.

AG Knudsen shared his thoughts:

It’s important that we instill an appreciation for law enforcement officers in Montana children at a young age so they can carry on our state’s ‘Back the Blue’ mentality. Thank you to everyone who participated, and I look forward to celebrating with Jeremiah. I know Montana’s law enforcement officers appreciate the support of students across the state as they go to work everyday to keep our communities safe.

Montana AG Knudsen and Montana Highway Patrol Colonel Kurt Sager will celebrate with Jeremiah and his class later this month. Plus, Jeremiah's winning poster will be displayed across Montana in our Department of Justice offices... and made available to any law enforcement office statewide.

Montana's AG Austin Knudsen announced this posted contest back in March, encouraging elementary students across the state to show their appreciation for Law Enforcement Officers in Montana.

What are your thoughts?

Did you have a kid participate in the poster contest? Or, have you had a kid WIN the contest in years past? Let us know on our App Chat, or in the comments on Facebook.

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