Mario Tama,Getty Images

Here are some of the most oddly-named towns in America.  Booger Hole, West Virginia...There is a Beer Bottle Crossing in Idaho.  Even a town named Little Canada in Minnesota.

I grew up in Booger Hole?  Would much rather say I'm from Billings.

Ok, so what town in Montana did Estately pick?  Big Sag!  I think I would have picked Hungry Horse.

You know I grew up in Nebraska, they list worms as the strange named one.  But there is also a Gross Nebraska, population 2.  Laugh at the name and remember it, if your ever in that part of the country.  They've got a killer burger at the local bar.  You gotta love a town that has a post office, a park and a bar... That's all they need in Gross NE.