When it comes to some one on one time with your family per day, how much do you think most average American's spend with them? If you answer is simply "a little bit", to be honest, you are doing much better than most.

This is actually pretty sad if you think about it, but this new survey truly shows the results of a home vs. work balance and here's just a little of what we learned...


1. Most people only have about 60 minutes of true face-to-face time with their loved ones during their hectic work week.

2. About one in eight men and one in 14 women admit to little to NO quality time.


3. One in three family units have an actual sit down dinner each evening.


4. What makes this even more interesting...not too many people are all that MAD about the whole thing. About a quarter of the people surveyed admit that they wish they had more time with their significant others and their kids.

(Daily Mail)