A Public Safety Advisory was issued by the Montana State University Billings Police Department after a mountain lion was reported near the intersection of Virginia Lane and Silver Lane on Friday night (7/12).

After confirming the sighting with Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, the following statement was posted on the MSUB Facebook page:

At approximately 9:43 p.m. on Friday, July 12, a mountain lion was observed in the area of Virginia Lane and Silver Lane. Added precautions should be taken with children, small pets and any outdoor activities, especially during nighttime hours. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reminds residents in the area that mountain lion, and bear sightings are not uncommon in the Billings metropolitan area due to the abundance of deer, pets and other attractants.

Male mountain lions can weigh up to 180 pounds and are most active at dusk and dawn according to MFWP.

Immediately report a mountain lion sighting to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks by calling 406-228-3700 or contact local law enforcement. MFWP reminds you to "take note of the lion’s appearance, direction of travel and specific location."

CLICK HERE to find actions you can take to avoid conflicts with mountain lions while living in Montana.



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