Everyone knows that kids love cardboard boxes. Especially giant boxes. Move over, Amazon. Your puny little "must-fit-in-a-UPS-truck-boxes" aren't going to work for my kids' planned community of cardboard! I need really big boxes. The ones that large household appliances and furniture come packaged in!

After 15+ years of kids, dogs, drunk friends, sleep-overs, sick days, weekends, tv and movies... we finally got some new furniture to replace our worn-out couch and love seat. They weren't quite crack house/college kid worn out, but getting pretty tired.

I'm stingy when it comes to spending money on furniture. "It's fine!" I say as I watch my kid stuff his candy wrappers into the hole in the couch fabric. My wifey convinced me it was finally time for a new couch and talked me into looking at this humongous sectional at Costco for a relatively reasonable price. It was huge! Three different powered recliner seats! Charge ports! Cup holders! A material that hopefully the dogs won't ruin in the first week! Okay.  Fine. We'll get it.

You should have seen us trying to load six giant boxes into the back of a regular bed Chevy truck. Two of the six boxes almost completely filled the bed of the truck. Why am I not patient enough to wait for free delivery?! Honestly, I'm relieved our loading and strapping job survived the trip back to Laurel. It was like oversized, dangerously secured, cardboard box Jenga.

Most kids are usually happy with just one giant box to play in.  My kids are in absolute kid heaven right now with SIX boxes. We've got: the house, the schoolhouse, the garage, Sharon's She Shed, and two other unnamed cardboard developments. Let me know if you'd like to rent one out.

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