Lately, it's been running colder and colder and colder. Makes no sense, right? It's hot outside! It's hot inside! My kids open the damn thing at least 100 timers per day. If anything, my fridge should be lukewarm. Right? Barely able to keep up.

Instead, it's going the opposite direction and no matter how much I turn down (up?) my dated, hand-me-down, light beige Amana keeps on freezing stuff. Like my Brita water pitcher in the picture above.  And the lettuce. Even freezing eggs in the egg crate. It's not quite cold enough to freeze beer. Yet. You should watch the kids trying to pour cereal milk. It slops out in chunks, like a gross, semi-frozen milk slushy.

I know deep down inside that my 20 year old refrigerator is not actually possessed by a spiritual entity.  A possessed beer chiller would be pretty cool, but I'm sure my fridge's crazy ways are easily explained with basic science and simple household appliance repair techniques.

I did some basic internet research and found out it could be any number of things, like:

  • Too much crap shoved around the vents inside the fridge or freezer. I did investigate my fridge, and sure enough there was a large bag of frozen fish my mom gave me that could have potentially been blocking a vent? I moved it around and shoved some expired frozen peas out of the way as well.
  • A bad magnetic seal around the fridge or freezer. Nope. Mine look good, so that's not it..
  • Or, from what I deciphered, the problem could be any number of control circuits, switcher boards, thermo couplers, malfunctioning vents, or a bad flux capacitor. The number one tip I found on the online trouble shooting tips, was to put thermometers in your fridge and freezer and keep a frickin' log of your temperatures and settings.  Sorry, I'm not gonna be able to do that.

I guess I won't complain that my fridge is too cold. It's obviously better than the alternative.  Frozen cheese, anyone?



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