Viewers across the country and around the world got to see the stress being put on our local hospitals because of increasing COVID-19 cases, as ABC's "Good Morning America" featured a segment from the Billings Clinic today (Tuesday).

The Chief National Correspondent for ABC-TV Matt Gutman was given what he called "extraordinary access" to the ICU at Billings Clinic, and reported that it is currently at "over 200 percent capacity." During the live broadcast segment, Gutman showed remodeling being done on former offices at Billings Clinic, that "in the near future" will become four new ICU rooms.

One of the major concerns is not only that hospitals will be overwhelmed with patients, but that they won't have the medical staff to treat them. -Matt Gutman, ABC-TV Chief National Correspondent

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During the segment on "Good Morning America," Gutman said that a patient "flatlined" right in front of him while filming inside the ICU, and later died. A 55-year old ICU nurse from Billings Clinic, who is currently being treated in the ICU for COVID-19, was also featured in the story and shown on a ventilator.

Gutman mentioned that doctors are "cautiously optimistic" about the recovery of the Billings Clinic ICU nurse, after she was able to be taken off the 'ECMO' (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine.

Watch the entire 'Good Morning America' Segment from Billings Clinic here:

This is the second time Good Morning America featured the Billings Clinic in recent months, with this report from back in October 22, 2020:

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