Wowzer, it's a new month again. Just a couple more and we can stick a fork in 2019 and call it done. Month #10 is known for a few things... Halloween, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, SIDS Awareness Month. And you've got National Vodka Day coming up on the 4th (remind me to celebrate accordingly this weekend).

October is also National Pizza Month. Like we really need a special month for pizza. 94% of Americans say they eat pizza at least once a month. At my house we order pizza probably around 3 times per month. My delivery options are somewhat limited because we live in Laurel. We usually get the cheap pies from Dominoes or Pizza Hut. Sometimes Redneck Pizza. But when I want a "good" pizza, here are some of my Billings favorites:

  • Pie Guys. On the West End by 32nd and King, the Pie Guys really know how to load up on the toppings. I would describe their crust as a cross between thin-and-crispy and hand-tossed. Not too thick, not crackery-thin.  Great sauce. One large pizza from Pie Guys is more filling - and way tastier - than two medium cheap pizzas from the other guys.
  • Carbone's. OMG. I actually dream about this pizza. I love thin crust and Carbone's knocks it out of the park. Tons of cheese and fresh-tasting toppings make this pizza joint one of my absolute favorites. Located in that little strip mall complex by Bottles N Shots and the Red Door.
  • Tarantino's. This franchise, located at 11th and Grand, also delivers a fantastic thin-crust style pizza. They offer a gluten-free crust as well, if you're trying to avoid wheat.
  • Old Chicago. I don't often go for deep-dish style pizza, but when I do, I have to choose Old Chicago. They somehow manage to pull off a deep crust that is actually crisp on the outside and not doughy in the middle. I've seen some mixed reviews regarding service issues lately on the local Facebook customer watch pages, but every time I've gone to O.C., there were no complaints.
  • Guidos. They've moved from Pug Mahon's old building to a new location down by the McCormick Cafe on Montana Avenue. Same great pizza recipes, Guido's makes a fantastic pie.

Let's hear your nomination for Best Pizza in Billings! Let us know your favorite in the Comments.

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