One of my friends on Facebook shared this link to an awesome website, which checks EVERY McDonalds across the WORLD (if they are mobile-enabled) to see if the ice cream machines are broken. So, of course, I had to see... are there any broken in Billings right now?

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The website,, keeps a running list of what cities have the MOST broken ice cream machines. As of 11 AM today, January 27th, 2023... Seattle comes in at 31%. Wow! But how about Billings?

Credit: / Canva
Credit: / Canva

I'm Not Lovin' it

According to the website, there are TWO machines across Billings that are... broken. McDonald's on 2333 Central Avenue, and 2711 Frontage Road. So, don't go expecting Ice Cream with your McLunch today!

How does this website work?

The creator of McBroken, @rashiq on Twitter, shared back in 2020 he was able to reverse-engineer the Mcdonald's order API to place an order worth $18,752 every MINUTE at EVERY McDonald's across the US to figure out which locations have a broken ice cream machine. Mind-blowing technology.

Now, over two years after the release of McBroken, the site is still going strong and helping Americans get their McFix of a McFlurry or Ice Cream Cone with their Big Mac. Not that we need it...

What are your thoughts? Do you buy ice cream from McDonald's when you visit? Do you even visit McDonald's anymore? Let us know on AppChat or Facebook.

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