Neil Peart will publish a book about Rush's R40 tour, rumored to be the band's last-ever one of this size, later this year. Far and Wide: Bring That Horizon to Me! is scheduled for release on Sept. 13.

The 312-page volume is the third in Peart's road books. Like the first two -- 2011’s Far and Away: A Prize Every Time and 2014's Far and Near: On Days Like These -- Far and Wide will chronicle the drummer's journeys on the road. This time, the focus is on Rush's R40 tour from last year, which celebrated the band's 40th anniversary and may be their final globe-spanning road trip.

The book's description (via BraveWords) notes, "35 concerts. 17,000 motorcycle miles. Three months. One lifetime. ... For Neil Peart, each tour is more than just a string of concerts, it’s an opportunity to explore backroads near and far on his BMW motorcycle. So if this was to be the last tour and the last great adventure, he decided it would have to be the best one, onstage and off."

Far and Wide: Bring That Horizon to Me! will span the "scenic grandeur of the American West to a peaceful lake in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains to the mean streets of Midtown Los Angeles. ... Richly illustrated, thoughtful, and ever-engaging, Far and Wide is an elegant scrapbook of people and places, music and laughter, from a fascinating road — and a remarkable life."

It's looking more and more like R40 may be Rush's final tour. Peart has said he doesn't want to go on the road for such long periods anymore, even if his aging body could handle them. The band's future is now up in the air, but the three members seem reluctant to pull the plug on the group entirely – hinting that more records are a strong possibility.

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