Was on vacation last week, headed to Bozeman for the Kiss show.  On the way there we stopped at Neptune's because it was in my Montana Brewery Passport.  Not only was the beer good  the food was exceptional.

For a brewery this is not your usual burgers and fries, and not that I don't love that stuff because I do.  But pictured above are their Wasbi Balls.  Way better than a wonton and with a wasbi flavor.  Then you see their Bacon Wrapped Deep-Fried Scallop with Cream Cheese.  Yes, that is what that little fired guy is.  So good, I will continue to dream about them until I can figure out how to make them.  Pulled Pork Sliders, these are done right with coleslaw on them.  Lived in the south for awhile and coleslaw does go on BBQ, try it, it's just the crunch it needs.

Don't miss this brewery in your MT brewery passport if your headed that way.  Make sure your hungry, the service was excellent too.