"Because lunch should always cost less than $10."

That's one of the top 10 benefits of a new "tech-savvy" market that is under construction on Broadwater Avenue in Billings.

According to their Facebook page, the Snack Time Market plans to open this Fall next to the new Edible Arrangements location in the former Suds Hut location.

This "on-demand" market will have 25 vending machines in one room, according to their website, and be open "around the clock."

The Snack Time Market will be offering food, drinks, and other products that their Facebook page says will be a "cut above the rest," and will "revolutionize the way Billings consumes food and other everyday products."

In a post on Facebook, the Snack Time Market was described as a combination of the following:

  • A Walgreens
  • A Convenience Store
  • A Restaurant
  • An Ice Cream Shop
  • A Personal DJ
  • Too Much Technology

Fun, fast, and convenient snacks in a clean and safe environment. That's what is coming to 1101 Broadwater Avenue later this fall when Snack Time Market opens up, right across the street from the Shrine Auditorium.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

While we've not gotten official confirmation that any of these machines will be at the Snack Time Market in Billings, check out the video of the 10 vending machines you won't believe exist. From vending for pizza and burgers to mashed potatoes and crab.

A unique vending machine recently had its grand opening at Rimrock Mall, but this one doesn't dispense anything you can eat or drink. This one sells eyelashes.

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