Thanks to everybody who called, texted, or messaged me with congratulations on "my" Los Angeles Rams winning the Super Bowl.

I attended a party for the big game and even cheered them on. But I've never called them "my team".

In fact, it's sort of a pet peeve of mine. Don't talk about "your team" or call them "our team" unless you have actually a vested, financial interest. Unless you are helping pay some of the players' salaries, they are just who you root for.

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I even quit following the NFL when the players started kneeling. On top of quitting all of the fantasy football leagues, and generally not making NFL games a priority like I once did.

Now that being said, I still enjoyed watching the Rams beat the Bengals.

And I know that Cooper Kupp was voted MVP of the game. And I used to know that the MVP always said "I'm going to Disney World".

So I saw a news story this morning where not only Kupp, but quarterback Matt Stafford and defensive tackle Aaron Donald are also there with him. Then I thought I'd look up the reason for it.

But because my attention span is a little short, I ended up searching the history of the saying "I'm going to Disney World".

It's not just NFL players that get to go. Disney has also welcomed winners from the NBA, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, Miss America, and even certain winners from American Idol.

One interesting omission is that the year that Raven's linebacker Ray Lewis was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXV, the Disney trip was given to quarterback Trent Dilfer due to the fact that Mr. Lewis was involved in a murder trial.

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