Motley Crue are doing things on their own terms these days, and that includes promotion, recording, and touring. Bassist Nikki Sixx says that while it’s been fun to have the ‘Sex‘ single out there for fans and to spend time with Kiss on tour, that doesn’t necessarily mean a full album will immediately follow.

Sixx tells Billboard, “It takes time to put together music. Right now we’re just writing music. There’s tons of material always there — there’s riffs for days, ideas, choruses here, verses there. For us, it’s how many songs have we written [and] how many do we love and what do we want to do with them? It’s about finding the time to go home, be off the road, get everybody in a room and start riffing and see where it does.”

While the bassist says he’s not sure when that will happen, he adds that the band is fine with having ‘Sex’ as their current representation. ‘Sex’ has been a pleasant surprise for the group, who didn’t do a hard push for the track. Sixx says it was just a case of having a new song they really liked, getting it to the fans through their fan club, and offering a chance to work in a new song on the road. He adds, “We wanted to save that big push for when we do [an album], but the way the song is connecting with people feels like the way the music used to connect with people when we were a baby band and just had our first record out. The song really seems to work.”

While the band is booked through Oct. 1 with Kiss, Sixx says there’s nothing immediately following it, and he doesn’t foresee a second Las Vegas residency coming either. He adds, “It feels good to be the first band to go in and do it, and it also feels good that we won on such a large level. When we first started talking about it, a lot of people were like, ‘This is a career killer. This is going to tarnish your image forever,’ and we were like, ‘Why? That doesn’t make any sense.’ It worked, and if anything it put the focus on the fact that we’re not just any band.”

The bassist adds that whether the band would consider doing it again, he doesn’t really know. But, he adds, “There’s no plan to do it again right now.”

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