For anyone who loves the outdoors, we are truly blessed to live in such a great state. Montana offers so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy public lands. Everything from state land to National Forest, is open to the public. But, hunting on public land can sometimes create issues. Because some people believe that they can somehow claim public land as their own. I cannot tell you how many times I have had another hunter try to run me off of public land. Claiming that it is their "spot." That is not how public land works. The land is open for everyone to use.

Don't get me wrong though. I have a couple places I like to call "my spot." Am I going to run other people off, if I see them hunting in "my spot?" NO! But, I for sure am not going to tell very many people about "my spot."

Just recently a craigslist ad was created by, what I assume, is a non-resident hunter. This "hunter" is offering up the coordinates to his favorite "hunting spot" in Montana. But, he wants you to pay for the coordinates. Yup! This guy is willing to give up "his spot" for $250.


Now I am sure this will spark a ton of debate among resident outdoorsmen and women. Is this guy really giving up his spot for money? Is that legal? Basically selling you a piece of property that doesn't belong to him? A non resident trying to financially benefit from public lands?

Below is a link to the craigslist ad, if anyone wants to take him up on his offer or just give him a piece of their mind.

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