Everyone in southwest Montana has probably wished at some point that they owned a place in Red Lodge. From winter sports to summertime fun, there is always a reason to run to "the Lodge" for the day or a weekend. Every time I'm in Red Lodge I always fantasize about owning a place. It would be great to not have to get a hotel or AirBnb after enjoying too many margaritas at Foster and Logan's or catching a live band at the Snowcreek.

It's nearly impossible to find a house in Red Lodge city limits under $200,000.  Honestly, it's tough to find one under $300,000.  Which is probably out of reach for many of us. But check this out... We found a property that you can buy for less than the price of a new F-150!

Credit: Sandra Conlee with Montana Realty Co.Of Red Lodge

It's one of the adorable retro condo's at Chateau Rouge! Listed at just $59,900 (less than a new pickup truck) if you bought this charmer with 10% down and have decent credit, your payment estimate is right around $281 a month. That's less than my car payment.

Credit: Sandra Conlee with Montana Realty Co.Of Red Lodge

At 323 square feet the condo is not a mansion by any means. What you get for under $60K is a comfortable place to crash for the night in Red Lodge. With the foldout couch you can sleep up to four somewhat comfortably.  The kitchen is small but functional for cooking breakfast, making coffee or preparing basic meals.

Credit: Sandra Conlee with Montana Realty Co.Of Red Lodge

The condo HOA fees are cheap too, at $35/mo. Listing details about the property state:

Wonderful studio condo in Chateau Rouge which has had the kitchen and dining area remodeled including locked owner cabinets so owners may leave some personal items in the condo. HOA is really just a special assessment savings account for large leasehold improvements and is taken off the income statement at the end of the year. All utilities and insurance from the block walls out is paid through rental income. Fully furnished! Owner may not live here year-round.

So... who wants to split it with me?  See full listing details HERE.

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