After spending decades as one of the most recognizable voices in rock — and selling millions of albums along the way — Paul Rodgers is probably a pretty difficult guy to shop for. But you don’t need to worry about getting the former Free, Bad Company, and Queen frontman anything for his birthday this year, because he went out and gave himself a present.

And the best part? Rodgers’ gift is a new song that doubles as a fundraising effort for some of his favorite charities. It’s better to give than receive, right?

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the single, ‘With Our Love,’ will go toward The Racehorse Sanctuary and the Seraphim 12 Foundation, both of which are dedicated to protecting and benefiting horses, as well as the Rocking Horse Children’s Charity, which aids children in Sussex and Surrey who need medical care.

“Horses are such a powerful part of human development and have been since the early ages,” said Rodgers in a statement. “We humans owe them so much.  My wife Cynthia and I have visited both sanctuaries and can’t imagine any of these healthy vibrant beings being sent off to die.  Especially Seraphim 12′s ‘Daisy,’ who was to be slaughtered for human consumption at four months of age! Or ex-racehorse ‘Mr. Streaky,’ who due to human error developed anxiety and fear issues which now after eight years he is finally starting to overcome, and in doing so is helping the autistic and inner city kids who visit the sanctuary.”

Looking back to one of his main artistic inspirations, Rodgers concluded, “Blues great Willie Dixon believed that ‘Once we know better we can do better’…so now that we know better, let’s do better.”

‘With Our Love’ is now available for download via CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon’s MP3 store. If you’d like to try before you buy, Guitar World is offering an exclusive stream of the song here. Happy 62nd birthday, Paul!

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