The rumors have swirled for quite some time about what would happen to Payton Manning after he was cut from the Colts.  Wonder no more, because ESPN is reporting that Manning is headed to Denver to join the Broncos.

Although Manning was considering signing on with with Titans and 49ers, reports say that his agent is currently in contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos.  It’s looking like he’ll be offered a five-year $90 million deal, similar to what he signed last year from the Colts.

And now, the million dollar question:  what about Tim Tebow?  Reports suggest that the Broncos will be trading Tebow, who led the team through several comebacks into the playoffs and spreading “Tebowmania” across the nation.

Are you happy that Payton Manning will be playing with the Broncos?  Or would you prefer they hang on to Tebow?  Let us know in our poll and earn 500 VIP points!

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