Remember that ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ episode when the crew of the USS Enterprise is swapped into an evil parallel universe after an unexpected ion storm causes a malfunction?  Yeah, neither do we.  That’s a little too geeky, even for us.  Apparently, this girl remembers and wanted to make sure she never forgot — by tattooing it across her boobs.

This devoted Trekkette has Real Spock and his parallel universe counterpart, Mirror Spock, tattooed on each of her boobs, all below the famous Vulcan salute, “Live Long and Prosper.”  It’s a curious choice of body art, to be sure, and made worse by the fact that they’re not even particularly well-done tattoos (and as an added bonus, she’s got a sternum piercing right in the middle of those two bad boys).  At the very least, it makes for a really awkward brumsky.

As Mr. Spock himself might say, “Highly illogical.”

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