Years ago, I was a soda ADDICT. I would drink at least a liter of soda daily when I was in high school, and for a few years afterward. It was my go-to drink, as, to me, water just didn't taste right.

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Turns out, with age comes knowledge... and with that knowledge, comes the realization of WHY your water taste was so bad (filters are great). But, we're not here for a healthy drink! We're here to talk about that sugary sweet deliciousness we call soda. Or pop. Or cola. Whatever.

Montana Soda?

Did you know... we have our own Montana soda options? For one, Flathead Lake Gourmet Soda! Though, oddly, the company that distributes it is in New Jersey... and doesn't specify where it is made. Cool to know, though!

Credit: North American Beverage
Credit: North American Beverage

What Wets Your Whistle?

For me, when it comes to soda, I go in waves. I've been on a Dr. Pepper kick lately, thanks to one coworker... but if I go to my favorite fast food sub shop, Jersey Mike's, it's their Agave Vanilla Cream Soda from Stubborn Soda.

Credit: Stubborn Soda
Credit: Stubborn Soda

And then again, if I visit Wendy's... I get Dave's Cherry Cream Soda. McDonald's? It HAS to be that Sprite that bites back.

So... What's YOUR Favorite Soda, Montana?

Let us know what YOUR favorite soda is, Montana, via the form below! We'll compile the results, and share them in a future article.

What are your thoughts?

Do you like soda? Or do you prefer to stay away from the sugary drink? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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