On Thursday, President Donald Trump outlined a three-phase plan to open America back up again as the Coronavirus appears to be leveling off in many parts of the country.

The plan was approved by the president’s medical advisors, Dr. Deborah Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Redfield. The president said that it will be up to individual governors as to when they will begin to open up their states based on the severity of  the virus.

Phase One:

  • Calls for social distancing to remain in place.
  • Avoiding gathering of more than 10 people.
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel.
  • Schools remain closed.
  • Visits to senior living facilities & hospitals prohibited.

Phase Two:

  • Residents to continue practicing social distancing.
  • Try to avoid large gatherings.
  • Non-essential travel resumes.
  • Bars/restaurants open with social distancing.
  • Elective surgeries resume.
  • Schools & daycare resume.

Phase Three:

  • Allows for vulnerable parts of the population to go back into public.
  • Gyms & bars open back up.
  • Full-time staffing resumes in the workplace.
  • Restaurants, movie theaters, churches, and sports venues open at reduced capacity.
  • Visits to senior living facilities & hospitals prohibited.

With one of the lowest death rates in the country (seven deaths with 415 confirmed COVID-19 cases), Montana is expected to be one of the first states to begin opening up. All eyes will now be on Governor Steve Bullock to see when he'll give the go-ahead.

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