If you are new to Montana, perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Ramsey Keller Memorial Foundation. It's a Billings-based nonprofit that provides payment for funeral expenses for babies in Montana who pass away before reaching their first birthday. While the topic is heartbreaking, the service they provide is pretty awesome. 2021 marks their 10th anniversary and you are invited to the party.

Celebrate with the 'Decades' band Friday, Sept. 24th at the Pub Station Ballroom.

On the first year, Jeff and Kori Keller's efforts paid burial expenses for 20 babies. Now, thanks to support from the community and local businesses, the Ramsey Keller Memorial is able to pay for 120 funeral expenses annually. They provide help in every community across the Treasure State and no grieving parents have been turned away.

Decades looks like a very good time.

The five-member band from California does something fairly unique at their concerts. They literally take you on a musical journey through time, starting their show with music from the 1940's and wrapping up the night with tunes from the 2000's.

Credit: Decades, via YouTube
Credit: Decades, via YouTube

This event replaces the RKM Pink Tie Affair this year.

Organizers have swapped their annual tux-n-tie banquet this year with the Decades concert. Think: less-somber and more celebration. I caught up with founder Kori Keller this morning who said she really wants the party on Friday to be a fun event.

Attendees are encouraged to ditch the stuffy clothing and dress up as your favorite decade instead. Go as a 60's hippie! Or, grab some Aqua Net and fishnets and dress up like a totally-awesome 80's Madonna. It's your chance to channel your inner Billy Idol, Elvis or Katy Perry.

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Credit: Decades, via YouTube
Credit: Decades, via YouTube

A concert and party for a great cause.

You can get tickets for the event at the Pub Station Ballroom box office, HERE, or at the door. They're only $30. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8. There will be a silent auction, so bring your checkbook to get in on some fantastic auction items.

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