Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister had a reputation for being the type of guy who didn't suffer fools gladly, and his imposing physical frame made the prospect of irritating him that much less appealing.

But in a new book looking back on the band's legacy, he revealed he was usually able to take the less enjoyable parts of being a rock star in stride — with the exception of one interview he ended by getting up and walking out.

The book in question, the recently released Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers: The Rise of Motörhead, finds author Martin Popoff surveying the band's history with the aid of new interviews from the band members — like the one presented in the excerpt published by L.A. Weekly, in which Lemmy shrugs off the annoyance of dealing with ill-prepared journalists while admitting he did, on occasion, allow himself to indulge in a little retaliation.

"I usually breeze through it, it’s certainly not something new to me. I’ve never walked out of an interview," said Kilmister. "Except me and Phil Campbell did once, because this chick was really a pain in the ass, and she insisted on doing an interview in the bathroom for some reason, and it was very echoey. You can imagine all the tiles and all that, and the hallway. And she said, ‘Did you ever do anything really funny in an interview?’ And Phil said, ‘Yeah, well, me and Lem once got up and walked out of an interview and never came back.’ And then we got up and walked out and we never went back."

That's hilarious in a perfectly Lemmy way — and it's also pretty benign compared with what happened when an interviewer actually stood him up. "Me and Eddie missed a sound check to go and do this f---ing interview because it was so deathly important," he recalled of a radio spot. "And like this guy kept us waiting for half an hour, so we put the fire hose inside the f---ing studio, shut the door and turned it on and left."

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