The lack of coverage by most in the media when it comes to the big story on our northern border here in Montana certainly isn't surprising.

We have a bunch of reporters in Helena covering politics and state government now that Republicans took back the governor's office and several other statewide offices in 2020 (after they let a Democrat governor off the hook for 8 years). But apparently the massive Freedom Convoy on our Montana-Canada border wasn't/isn't news to most of them. (Apparently they're still too busy chasing non-news stories about whether people are wearing masks or not)

Don't worry, it's not just the US media that is biased towards the Left. It's even worse in Canada. In the North, one outlet stands out when it comes to reporting what is actually happening on the ground- Rebel News. You may have heard about them on Tucker Carlson's program on Fox News. He has also been doing a great job covering the Freedom Convoys on the US-Canada border.

Rebel News has been covering these Freedom Convoys on the ground in Coutts, Alberta and in the capital city of Ottawa, Canada. I got to catch up with Adam Soos from Calgary on our statewide radio show "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint."

I asked Adam about the fake news narratives that some in the media are trying to trot out when it comes to the Freedom Convoys. You can hear his answer in the following audio:


By the way, one of the most popular roads to drive in America is a frequently travelled route for folks travelling to and from Kalispell, Montana and Alberta, Canada.


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