Does anyone remember Hastings? The entertainment store that sold all kinds of books, movies, and video games filed for bankruptcy in 2016 and closed all of its locations in the United States, including one in the Magic City. I remember it fondly for the little trinkets and toys you could buy, but when I got older, I remember purchasing my favorite video games and books from its bigger location in West Park Promenade. Hastings was one of the last take-home entertainment stores to close its doors, as online entertainment was more accessible and cheaper.

What Happened to the Take-Home Entertainment Trend?

Simply put, there are a lot of more convenient alternatives to movie, video game, and book rental services. Back in the day, if you didn't know if you wanted a movie, you could rent it for a couple of days to watch it and see if you liked it. If you did, you could then purchase the disk that you rented or even an upgraded version like a Blu-Ray. If not, you didn't spend more money than you had to.

The rise of online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has made video rental services obsolete. These services allow you to stream any movie or TV series that they offer for a monthly subscription fee, which eliminates any late fees or need to buy the movies since you can just stream them an unlimited number of times.

Hastings Sold More Than Movies Though

I went to Hastings mostly to peruse their toys, figures, and music accessories. They also had an awesome section dedicated to trading card games and their associated accessories, which I was a huge fan of. I've talked in-depth about my love for games and such here. They also had an amazing book section with an attached coffee shop. In short, it was a geek and nerd haven. And I miss it very much.

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Do you miss Hastings? If anything, I think they could have gotten away from still selling used video games and all the other figures and toys. But, I suppose that's going to remain a dream.

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