RiverStone Health reports 435 out of 540 food establishments that offer dine-in service, have gotten their reopening plans approved by Environmental Health Services.

Before restaurants can open for limited dine-in service on Monday (5/4), a plan must be submitted to EHS showing "how they will implement physical distancing and other infection control policies."

Restaurants must receive a notice that their plan has been approved from EHS at RiverStone Health before reopening. That notice must be displayed at their main entrance, according to the press release.

The reopening plan represents each food service provider’s commitment to complying with practices that enhance the safety of customers and employees during the novel coronavirus pandemic. -John Felton, Yellowstone Co. Health Officer

Restaurants and food establishments that don't submit a plan to Environmental Health Services and receive approval will be prohibited from opening for dine-in service.

On March 18, a public health guidance was released to restaurants, bars, and other food establishments, with reopening requirements for dine-in service.

Any food service establishment that intends to offer dine-in services but has not yet completed the reopening plan should do so and submit it to Environmental Health Services as soon as possible. Re-opening guidelines can be obtained by calling 256-2770 or emailing environmental.health@riverstonehealth.org. Plans can be submitted via email.

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