I shudder to think how many Happy Meals my kids have eaten over the years. We don't even go to McDonald's that often. Is the food healthy? No. It's convenient. And the kids always want a Happy Meal. Not because they love the puny hamburger or apple slices, but mainly because it comes with a junky little toy that gets played with for about five minutes. Then, left on the kitchen table (or backseat floor of the car), mixed in with the insane amount of packaging materials that seem to come along with a Happy Meal.

Some Happy Meal toys have become quite valuable. Remember the Furby toys that came in Happy Meals back in the '90s? A complete set of eight sold for over $900 on eBay. Other valuable Happy Meal toys include the Beanie Baby (Beary the Bear sold for $750), the '80s edition Transformer toys, some of the 2013 Despicable Me 2 toys and others.

If you happen to have a McDonalds Halloween Happy Meal bucket, it could be worth some cash as well. Ebay lists a variety of them from $4.00 to $40 for a complete set. Jeez.

Anyway, the Happy Meal turns 40 this year and to celebrate, McDonald's is bringing back some retro toys including Beanie Babies’ Patti the Platypus and the Tamagotchi. From November 7 through 11, McDonald’s will sell a “Surprise Happy Meal” in 90 countries that will include the throwback toys.

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