It's always great to see a show.  Love live music of all kinds.  If you've never seen Reverent Horton Heat, this will be a do not miss show.

It's not a regular show, loud guitars, no sitting, rockabilly peeps dancing and carrying on.  It's going to be a great time. They'll be at the Pub Station on August 8th, I know that's a school night but we could plan to take Tuesday off.

Ok, so you don't know much about Reverend Horton Heat.  I put a couple of tracks below, so you could check it out.  I love these guys.  If it's not for you, I'm sure I'll run into at another show at the Pub.  Cheers!

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    Psychobilly Freakout

  • 2

    Bad Reputation

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    Big Red Rocket Of Love