Usually, when we get our Suicide Girl of the Day sent to us, we get pictures of a sexy babe, and her profile. This morning we only got the pics, so we used our imagination. Introducing: RJen Suicide.NAME: RJen Suicide

AGE: 22

LOCATION: A room with yellow wallpaper and thousands of golden cat statues (one pictured).

OCCUPATION: Writer of that blurry book in the background above, entitled: "RJen Sad or RJen Happy?"

CURRENT CRUSH: A small wooden poseable man (above). I love a man who is flexible and soft-spoken.

GETS ME HOT: The temperature in the yellow room, which is why I am taking off my shirt. Duh.

FAVORITE POSITION: Facing away from the camera, and then twisting my body to look at it, seductively.

I AM LOOKING FOR: A way out of this boring room.

MY KINK FACTOR: Major gold cat fetish.

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: Hangin' in the yellow room for now I guess, playing with my Ouja board, putting crystal stickers on my face.

MY PIGEONHOLES:  I do not have any pigeons, they gross me out.

VICES: Are used to hold wood together, while the glue dries.

I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: In the yellow wallpaper room. Pretty sure we went over this.

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