If/when I get tired of my current career, I have this wild dream to own a small restaurant and bar in a quiet little place somewhere in Montana. Do I have any experience running a food and booze business? Nope, not a drop. You've only see me on the other side of the bar. I'll probably never actually take the plunge into bar ownership, but a person can dream, right? A listing I spotted today only adds fuel to my ridiculous fantasy.

Credit: Coldwell Banker Commercial, listed by Brian Williams

 Holly's Roadkill Saloon near McLeod is for sale.

The quaint and quirky restaurant and bar is located in one of the most beautiful areas in southern Montana, approximately 25 miles from Livingston and a 15 minute drive south of Big Timber. Soaring views in all directions and the must-see Natural Bridge is just down the road.

Credit: Coldwell Banker Commercial, listed by Brian Williams

You'll be surrounded by recreational opportunities.

The Boulder River offers blue-ribbon fishing, rafting and camping and the Roadkill Saloon is literally surrounded by thousand of acres of the Custer Gallatin National Forest. Busy summer traffic to the area offers a steady supply of hungry and thirty visitors, and the property listing notes a local clientele as well. Merchandise sales must be fairly brisk, I imagine. Who can resist a shirt/hat/hoodie from the Roadkill Saloon?

Credit: Coldwell Banker Commercial, listed by Brian Williams

You can live and work on-site if you buy the Roadkill Saloon.

In what seems like an ideal situation for some buyers, the bar is attached to living quarters at the back of the building, offering a two-bed/two-bath apartment with garage. The convenience of crawling to bed after a long night of cooking and slinging drinks seems attractive. Or, the new owners could generate additional income by renting it out.

Credit: Coldwell Banker Commercial, listed by Brian Williams

The Roadkill seems ripe with potential for expansion.

According to the listing, the current owner recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, and they only operate the business during the summer months. It's open Thursday - Sunday. There are four RV spaces with an opportunity to expand. Full beverage liquor/gaming license is included, as well as all commercial equipment (like kegs, grill, fryers, etc.). Inventory is optional.

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The listing price is $639,333, which kind of seems like a bargain during the current real estate boom in Montana. Holly's Roadkill Bar is listed by Brian Williams at Coldwell Banker Commercial and you can check it out HERE or see the listings video below.

Who wants to buy the Roadkill Saloon with me? We can keep it Montana owned and operated.

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