Jeff Beck and Robert Plant have reportedly discussed working together on a musical project of unknown shape and size. It would certainly be a case of legend partnering with legend, if it does indeed happen.

Classic Rock magazine reports that Beck dropped more than a few hearty hints that he and the former Led Zeppelin singer would be collaborating. Apparently, Beck told Planet Radio that “There are whispers. We had a lovely chat. I think that maybe he saw my act; I put on a pretty good show. And I think that there may be something there…. [Robert and I] are busy at the moment, but if the desire’s there, you make it happen.” Well if Beck and Plant need some desire, they can certainly absorb it from fans, who would be tickled to see and hear them work together.

Beck also teased another project in the works, but was less forthcoming with details. Perhaps he is trying to throw us off the scent? All Beck would say is that fans would be more astonished by this super secret project than by him working with Plant.

Beck also revealed that Plant himself may be a part of this “other” project, too. “I don’t know, I would welcome that. He would slot in with what I’ve got in mind. But if he doesn’t, it’s still exciting,” Beck said.

Damn you, Jeff Beck! That’s so not fair. It’s like you’re throwing a crumb to a starving person.

Beck will be feted with Classic Rock’s Living Legend Award at the Roll of Honour event on Nov. 9.

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