Congratulations are in order for my friend Rocky Erickson.  He has been named the new president of the Midland Rountable.  The Midland Roundtable was started in 1947.  It was formed by a group of people who were highly involved and interested in promoting sports and athletics in the Billings and surrounding area.  The Midland Roundtable's focus and theme is "devoted to foster and perpetuate more and better sports".  Over the years they have sponsored three major activities every year for the athletes. The "Top Ten" track meet.  The athletes from the surrounding area with the ten best qualifying times or distances for that year are invited.  "The Athlete of the Year" banquet  The top 5 male and female athletes are honored and on male and female finalist is selected.  In June the Montana -Wyoming all star girls and boys basket ball games for graduating senior.

As Rocky Erickson becomes the new president for the year.  I thought I would look at some past presidents.  The first is Herb Klindt 1947.  He of course was with Rocky Mountain College and over course the field is named after him.  Other presidents include Ed Yocum, C.C. Musburger (Brent Musbergers dad), Ralph Nelles, H Alterowitz, Jim Dutcher, Sam Mcdonald, Maurice Colberg Jr, Woody Hahn, Doug Dierenfield, Karen Sanford Gall and Lew Morris.  That's just to name a few, but if you have any Billings history, you will recognize the names. Congratulations Rocky, the pride of Vida MT and a pretty good sportscaster.

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