Roger Waters could very well fall into the category of wealth dubbed the “one percent” that’s being targeted by Occupy Wall Street, but that isn’t stopping the Pink Floyd star from supporting the nascent New York-based socioeconomic movement.

Waters recently posted a two-minute video on his Facebook page offering his commentary on the immense economic inequality that he feels is currently tearing apart America, saying that he “thinks it’s great that people are beginning to complain about it.”

“A situation’s been allowed to develop in this country where the great bloc of people in the middle who used to call themselves the middle class — their circumstances have been reduced to the point where suddenly come of them find themselves sleeping in their cars,” Waters explains in the video. “And they’re going, ‘Hold on a minute, how can this be right?”

“Sitting in the United States of America … this country is being run absolutely for the benefit of the richest one percent in the country,” he continues. “The idea that these people are paying the same taxes as the people who clean their cars is absolutely f—ing insane! I pay taxes here, and I’d be happy to pay more.”

He concludes by saying “I’m so happy to see that they’re starting to appear in the streets. It’s beginning to happen all over the country. Slowly, they’re beginning to realize that no, this is wrong.”

Watch Roger Waters Discusses Occupy Wall Street In a Facebook Video Post:

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