‘InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands,’ the nationally syndicated radio show, is paying tribute to the late, great Ronnie Montrose in a special ‘Medium Rare’ episode.

The guitarist, whose namesake band provided liftoff for Sammy Hagar, passed away last weekend at 64. For this edition of the show, both Montrose and Hagar are featured in interviews.

Hagar spoke about the first Montrose album and its impact. The album actually influenced the very musicians who would eventually be his bandmates in Van Halen, which feels a bit serendipitous.

Montrose himself discussed how the self-titled album had a ripple effect on the modern hard rock sound. He told host Redbeard his personal theory about the album’s long-lasting appeal nearly 40 years after its initial release. “When you don’t have a vocabulary musically that will allow you to make an elaborate statement, you make your statements direct, concise and to the point,” he mused. “And I think the first Montrose album musically does that.”

The Montrose tribute ‘Medium Rare’ episode is available now by going here.