Just yesterday, we brought you a first look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's new action-thriller 'Sabotage' and were saying that the film was preaching realism above all else. Today, the 'Sabotage' trailer is here, and does it delivers on that promise? Yeahhh, not so much.

'Sabotage' - which follows a group of ten DEA agents being picked off one-by-one after $10 million goes missing - was directed by David Ayer, who was striving for complete realism, putting his actors through a grueling training regimen with DEA agents. That all sounds good on paper, but when you watch the finished product, 'Sabotage' doesn't feel very real at all.

Part of this is the film's plot, which we've seen before about 100 times. Part is the clunky dialogue. "Some of us are getting paid, the rest of us are just getting dead" is actually said at one point. Mostly, though, (and it really pains us to say this) it's Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We love the guy and are always up for another Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie, but let's be honest: realism is not what he does best. Arnold looks like he's acting in another movie. He looks the part, but he can't shake the Arnold-isms that have made him Arnold. Maybe some of that is on him and maybe some of that is on us, and the way we've been programmed to watch Arnold over the years, and more likely it's a combination of both. The best stuff in the trailer is some of the character work by Mireille Enos and Joe Manganiello, but Schwarzenegger just doesn't fit in with what they, or the movie, is trying to do.

Watch the 'Sabotage' trailer above and let us know what you think.

'Sabotage' opens in theaters on April 14.

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