Carlos Santana says his upcoming long-awaited reunion project with the classic-era Santana band lineup was marked by "joy and determination." He's joined by Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Michael Carabello and Michael Shrieve for the new 16-track album, which is due on April 15.

"It was magical," Santana said (via Vintage Vinyl News). "We didn't have to try to force the vibe – it was immense. From there, we then needed to come up with a balance of songs and jams that people would immediately identify as Santana."

They've named the album Santana IV because it's designed as a follow-up to 1971's Santana III, which featured the same lineup (as well as percussionist Jose "Chepito" Areas), and the new album's artwork recalls the famous lion image from Santana's first album. Those two earlier albums, along with Abraxas -- all three of which were released in 1969-70 -- went double-platinum. The new album also includes percussion Karl Perazzo and bassist Benny Rietveld.

"When you can go back and break new ground with joy and determination – and some whoop-ass energy – it gets you going," Santana said. "I think we achieved something very rare. This music was screaming to come out of us. It wasn't about nostalgia. It was about passion."

Santana IV highlights include the Rolie-composed "Anywhere You Want to Go," which will serve as the album's lead single. Ronald Isley, of the Isley Brothers, also guests on two cuts, "Love Makes the World Go Round" and "Freedom in Your Mind." Elsewhere, Santana and Schon tangle on the bluesy "Shake It," recalling their fiery exchanges on Santana III and 1972's Caravanserai.

"Carlos and I feel more connected than ever," said Schon, who left the Santana band to co-found Journey with Rolie in 1973. "We get super-aggressive when we play, but also melodic and poetic. We have an incredible dialog with each other on our guitars."

Fans who attend select shows on the upcoming tour will receive a copy of the album with every pair of tickets.

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