Best news of the day! Wine site just released an infographic explaining how science has proven that drinking wine makes you smarter, more creative, and more attractive. If you ever needed an excuse for an after-work glass of Pinot, you now have three.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. A recent study found that a few glasses of wine makes you smarter because the slight buzz relaxes your brain and allows you to think more clearly. It prevents you from overthinking, so your brain operates more quickly and your focus is less scattered ... no second guessing.
  2. Another study found that having a blood alcohol content of 0.075 helps you think more creatively with "sudden bursts" of inspiration. Probably because you are less inhibited and you are letting yourself think outside your comfort zone.
  3. You're sexy and you know it, but having a glass of wine let's everyone else know it too. A study found that after one glass of wine people are perceived by others as more attractive. Apparently it loosens facial muscles, dilates your pupils and gives you a wine glow that makes you more attractive. Just remember to keep it to one glass ... if you have too much you might lose the effect! TheStir


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