The "tour edition" of Scorpions' Return to Forever LP is due in stores April 22, and the band's giving fans their first glimpse of the expanded album's bonus material with this exclusive premiere of a live version of "We Built This House."

This recording of "We Built This House," captured during Scorpions' Sept. 12, 2015, stop at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, represents just a small piece of the extra content added to Return to Forever with the "tour edition." As previously reported, in addition to the standard version's 12-song track list, the new version packs in seven bonus cuts, a pair of complete 2015 concerts and a new 15-minute documentary, On the Road in America. Scorpions members Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs also offer commentary during an "extensive track-by-track interview."

Meanwhile, Scorpions remain on the road for their 50th Anniversary Tour, which is currently scheduled to keep them on stage through late July. Check out "We Built This House" above, take a look at the group's tour schedule below, and pre-order your copy of the Return to Forever "tour edition."

Scorpions 50th Anniversary Tour Dates
5/06 — Charlotte, N.C.
5/09 — Nashville, Tenn.
5/10 — St. Louis, Mo.
5/13 — Las Vegas, Nev.
5/14 — Las Vegas, Nev.
5/18 — Las Vegas, Nev.
5/20 — Las Vegas, Nev.
5/21 — Las Vegas, Nev.
5/24 — El Paso, Texas
5/25 — Albuquerque, N.M.
5/28 — Pryor, Okla.
5/29 — San Antonio, Texas
6/01 — Monterrey, Mexico
6/03 — Mexico City, Mexico
6/04 — Guadalajara, Mexico
6/18 — Hinwil, Switzerland
6/23 — Copenhagen, Denmark
6/28 — Lisbon, Portugal
6/30 — Bilbao, Spain
7/03 — Madrid, Spain
7/14 — Tel Aviv, Israel
7/17 — Sofia, Bulgaria
7/29 — Oripää, Finland
7/30 — Nilsiä, Finland

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