In the realm of luxurious problems, it’s tough being Sebastian Bach. At least, when you’re trying to get your new music heard and stay friends, as he is, with both sides in the various Guns N’ Roses alumni dramas.

Bach, currently in India hanging with his new buddy — a king of some sort, apparently — was cool enough to do an interview with the Cleveland Scene, where he spoke of his new music, his past, and what it’s like being in the middle of someone else’s arguments.

Speaking on his friendships with both Axl Rose and some of the singer’s estranged former bandmates, Bach explains, ‘I just played with Duff (McKagan) and Matt Sorum in a band called the Rock n Roll Allstars with Gene Simmons and Joe Elliott. I’m also friends with Axl, and I don’t want to piss off either side. When I stick up for Axl, Duff gets mad at me. When I stick up for Duff, Axl gets mad at me. It’s totally true.”

When asked about Rose’s refusal to play with his former group at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony earlier this year, Bach seemed sympathetic: “It seemed like Axl was getting railroaded into doing something he didn’t want to do. If you’re an artist, someone can’t tell you how to make your art.”

Problems aside, Sebastian currently maintains a great outlook on rock ‘n’ roll, explaining it to be “universal and international.” However, he isn’t shy when it comes to vocalizing his thoughts about radio. Despite the rave reviews of his latest album ‘Kicking & Screaming’, the record was not played much on radio.

Which doesn’t sit well with the voice of ‘Youth Gone Wild, to say the least. “What frustrates me is a station like Hair Nation on Sirius/XM Radio that plays [Skid Row] two or three times a hour and that’s no exaggeration. Without Sebastian Bach, they would have one third less music to play. That station is built on me, so they f—— owe me. You build your f—— station off my high notes. Whose hair is it you’re f—— talking about it? It’s mine. They owe me that. They play my new stuff on Octane and Boneyard and Liquid Metal. I just think that’s funny. The station that’s Skid Row on the hour every hour won’t play my new album. When the album came out, we went to Sirius/XM to do interviews. But Hair Nation didn’t want to talk to me. I don’t f—— get it.”


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