Sometimes, 'SNL' creates a sketch that aims for a very specific demographic and just goes all-out in its attempt to win over that specific audience. We can argue as to whether or not this 'The Little Mermaid' sketch starring guest host Anna Kendrick is successful, but it's the kind of thing that was certainly designed to appeal to viewers who grew up with Disney, have a thing for 'Pitch Perfect,' and can recognize lousy modern pop songs.

[UPDATE: The video of the sketch was removed by NBC.]

The scene takes place under the sea, with Anna Kendrick dawning a fish tail and a red wig to play Ariel, the mermaid who dreams of walking on land to meet the man of her dreams. She meets with Ursula the sea witch (played by Aidy Bryant), who will grant her request in exchange for her voice. Any and all familiarity ends there, as Ariel shows off her singing skills and reveals that all she knows how to sing are the likes of Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and Kesha. Ursula (and her puppet minions) are not amused.

The episode overall frequently took advantage of Kendrick's lovely voice, so you've got to have a little bit of love for any sketch that intentionally sabotages her voice like this. Anyway, the sketch is worth watching just to see Jay Pharoah in a red crab costume because that's probably never going to happen again.

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