'SNL' has gotten a lot of mileage out of truly weird and intentionally cheap-looking video sketches over this past season or so, but none have been as weird or as deliriously, giddily cheap as last night's bit featuring Kyle Mooney as a high school douchebag attempting to run for high school president.

Anyone who went to high school will recognize the type Mooney is playing ... and anyone who ever endured the chaos of a high school student body election will find plenty of bizarre truth in this "alternative" kid's ridiculously cheap and poorly put together video. This may be the first 'SNL' sketch that looks like it was edited on the earliest form of iMovie and with graphics that look like they were put together by a total Photoshop amateur.

You see, Mooney's "Chris" is one cool dude. He hates rap music! He's written 60 poems! He has an attractive girlfriend who doesn't go to his school! And unlike his main competition, he's actually smoked a cigarette. His plans for improving the school include getting new vending machines and starting a film club where people can watch 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Kids.' Of course, all of this is inexplicably cut together with stock footage of police car chases. It's totally crazy and stupid ... and just fantastic.

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