When 'SNL' targets television shows, their targets tend to be modern (or at least based on some iconic celebrity). So it was a pleasant and weird surprise when the show went completely retro with a fake commercial for an old show called "Dyke and Fats," a buddy cop series starring two female police officers with very unfortunate nicknames.

Kate McKinnon plays "Dyke" and Aidy Bryant plays "Fats," two ass-kicking cops from a long-lost '70s TV show, now only playing on reruns on some obscure channel. Despite the title of the show and the duo's amazing self-confidence and crime-fighting capabilities, only they are allowed to refer to themselves by their nicknames, something that their chief (played by guest host Louis C.K.) learns the hard way.

The sketch does a fantastic job of capturing the lo-fi world of a generic '70s drama, from the period appropriate lighting and costume to the old-fashioned, cheap-looking camerawork. It's half grindhouse and half 'Hill Street Blues,' managing to look accurate while putting the comedy first and foremost. Most of the jokes are fairly obvious and silly (like the characters' names themselves), but the aesthetic is so spot-on and the scene itself so brief and quickly paced that it all ends up working out.

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