Dylan Ayer, TSM

Have you shoveled the sidewalk yet in front of your house?

Sidewalk Snow Removal, this is straight off the City of Billings Website.

City Ordinance requires property owners to remove snow from public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snow fall. A fine may be issued if sidewalks are not shoveled.
If you don't shovel your walk.  Well, first you will get a warning.  How do I know?  Because I was the jerk last year that didn't shovel my sidewalk.  Had no idea it was a city ordinance.  It's a great workout, I shoveled mine and was still able to eat whatever the hell I wanted last weekend.  This was just a reminder, cause I was the moron that didn't do it last year.  When your new, it's easy to forget.