Let me ask you a question.  Granted, it's a strange question, but I'm curious as to what your answer would be.  If you were Bigfoot, what state would you live in?

I ask this question because, well I was on the internet and I thought "I wonder how many Bigfoot sightings there are in Montana".  So, I got on Google and did some searching.

The search results were interesting, to say the least.

First, there was the guy that back in 2012 decided to fool everyone and dress up as Bigfoot.  He had a "bushy military-style suit" on when he decided to stand in the middle of Highway 93 outside of Kalispel. Unfortunately, he was killed when he was hit by two cars back to back.  According to Reuters.com, friends thought that he might be trying to make people think there was a Bigfoot sighting.

Next up, the crazy Bigfoot Wolf Dog.  I'm sure several of you will remember this one. Back in 2018 a Montana rancher shot and killed what a few people thought might be Bigfoot...or a Werewolf.  Whatever it was, it looked like it came from some sort of nightmare or horror movie.  In the end, once the DNA came back, it turned out to just be a gray wolf, an ugly gray wolf, but a gray wolf nonetheless.

Back to Bigfoot living in Montana.

It would make sense, right?  Lots of space, lots of mountains and forests, lots of game to feast on (assuming that Bigfoot eats meat, I suppose he could be a vegetarian.)  I mean if a mythical creature wanted to hide and never be found, it seems like Montana would be the perfect place.


In case you're wondering, Montana doesn't even make the Top 5 states when it comes to Bigfoot sightings.  Now, maybe that's because most Montanans are smart enough to realize that Bigfoot more than likely doesn't exist, or maybe most Montanans don't want to end up looking foolish, either way, no Top 5 for us.

However, our friends to the west of us lead the nation in Bigfoot sightings.

That's right, Washington has the most Bigfoot sightings out of any other state in the Union according to Fox News.  Rounding out the Top 5 are California at number two, then it just gets weird after that.  Coming in third is Pennsylvania, followed by Michigan, and then New York.

Sasquatch crossing sign in the Oregon wilderness

So what about Montana?  Taking a look at a "Bigfoot Sighting Map" on mentalfloss.com it looks like Montana has 52 Bigfoot sightings. Sure, there are states that have fewer sightings, like the Dakotas and Nebraska, but why would he want to live there? It's cold and flat.  No, if you're Bigfoot you want to live someplace that has all the things you need to survive.  Like world-class Fly Fishing, Hot Springs, Skiing, and of course Yellowstone.

Yep, if I was Bigfoot, I would live here in Montana.

Credit: Reuters, CBS, Fox News, Mentalfloss

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