For some 'Star Trek' fans, it was a slap to the face when director J.J. Abrams stopped going where no man has gone before and decided to journey to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. How will they feel when they see Abrams discussing how great 'Star Wars' is with the chief engineer of the Enterprise, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott (aka Simon Pegg)?

People looking for solid information on 'Star Wars: Episode 7' may be disappointed by the video below. However, people wanting to see two geek icons chat about the movie series that changed their lives will probably find plenty to love. In the video, Abrams admits that he's always been more of a 'Star Wars' guy than a 'Star Trek' guy, but feels that mindset helped him make a better movie. Pegg (slightly blasphemously) praises his 'Star Trek Into Darkness' director for injecting his take on 'Trek' with a little 'Wars.'

Beyond simply comparing two iconic sci-fi franchises, Abrams and Pegg discuss the first time they saw 'Star Wars' and what a profound effect it had on them. Pegg seems particularly enthusiastic while Abrams, probably knowing that every geek eye in the world is on him at the moment, is a little more subdued.

Of course, you can see Abrams' and and Pegg's 'Star Trek Into Darkness' when it arrives on May 17. 'Star Wars: Episode 7' is set for the summer of 2015. What are the odds that Pegg makes an appearance in the new film?

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