President Trump has his State of the Union speech tonight. Do you remember President Obama's last State of the Union speech?  How about President Bush's?  That was a great one.  The fact is most people don't remember their speeches. It might be water cooler talk the next day and then nothing. I have a prediction for tonight. Instead of seeing adults, who are public servants, looking out for our best interests as Americans, and listening to the President, we are going to see Kindergarten recess on steroids. The division between our political leaders grows by the day and it didn't start with Trump. I believe it started with George W. Bush and has just increased.  I have a challenge for you:  watch the speech tonight and see how many Democrats sit on their hands, don't react, and maybe even offer some catcalls. I don't know if Republicans would have done the same if Hillary were in the White House.  Nevertheless, I do know that this is a great chance for some "adults" to act like spoiled little brats on national television instead of showing some respect for our nation's elected leader.

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