Favorite meal of the day?  Breakfast!  Always my answer.  Where's your favorite place to have breakfast in Billings?

Onlyinyourstate.com had the 10 best breakfast places in Montana.  I'm happy to say Stella's made the list and so did Hog Wild.  Stella's, where else can you find a cinnamon roll as big as your butt!  You gotta be committed to eating that huge pastry.  Yeah, you could share but that seems like the sissy thing to do.

I am willing to bet the people at onlyinourstate.com never tried the Powderhorn.  They are the best, when you wake up with a fat head and need to eat now.  The food is exceptional.  Service awesome and the food is served faster than some of the drive-thru places here in town.  Powderhorn, I heart your chicken fried steak.  I think you guys should have made the list too.

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